2018 Ural Adventure Ride

Our annual Ural Adventure Ride is this weekend - 13th-14th October 2018

This year, our Adventure will follow a new route along country roads that are little traveled, with a little bit of challenge and much delightful scenery.

Adv Ride 2018 1.JPG

We will depart from Walcha and traverse some remote high country through grazing pastures and forest before we descend to our overnight stay at a coastal riverside. These roads see little traffic and are mostly in good condition. The scenery is great and the challenges are not beyond any riders.

Adv Ride 2018 2.JPG

The Sunday return ride to the New England again avoids the highways and will use a renowned river road well suited to our sidecars.

Adv Ride 2018 3.JPG

Last year we had four female drivers participating and we always welcome the many sidecar passengers along for a slice of the fun.

Every year we attract new Ural owners and of course many repeat participants. The camaraderie at our Adventure is always good and everyone enjoys the shared experiences and information about Urals in general.