Fun Day of Ural Test Rides

Last Saturday we attended Adventure Rider Magazine’s Congregation 2018 held at Green Valley Farm, Tingha, where over 300 keen adventure riders gathered for their annual event.

We offered test rides on our Ural Sidecars to those interested and had plenty of keen riders lining up to have a go!

Jon theory 1.jpg
Jon theory 2.jpg

Jon Taylor, experienced Ural Sidecar rider and trainer from Ural of Oz, gave a brief theory lesson on the ins and outs of sidecar riding, followed by a quick run through of their course before letting them take control themselves.

Many riders, who have never ridden a sidecar outfit, took the opportunity to learn some basic skills in a safe environment.

It was a fantastic bunch of enthusiastic people having some fun in exceptionally great weather. 

Interested Crowds.JPG

Thanks to Adventure Rider Magazine for inviting us along to be part of a top weekend.

Thanks too to our Ural owners who attended and helped on the day which made for a great day out!